How Psychologists and Chiropractors Can Work Together

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The link between psychological health and chiropractic therapy may not be immediately obvious, but there is a clear connection nonetheless. Both psychologists and chiropractors help alleviate pain – psychological counseling reduces mental pain, while chiropractic therapy reduces physical pain. Psychologists and chiropractors can work together to improve the overall physical and mental well-being of an individual.

The Root of Pain
The physical manifestation of pain in the body may often have underlying emotional reasons. Patients who approach chiropractors for relief from chronic pain may see immediate relief after a session, but if the pain is rooted in the emotional domain it may reappear soon. Some psychological collaboration can bring enduring pain relief and holistic healing without resorting to pharmaceuticals. Behavioral tools and coping strategies can be used to make the pain relief gained from chiropractic sessions more long-lasting.

Strategies to cope with Internal and External Stressors
Every single person on the planet goes through stress – caused by both internal and external factors. People have different coping mechanisms to deal with these stresses. Some may adopt passive coping strategies by minimizing their own personal responsibility for the situation and attributing the reason for their pain on others. As long as they follow their physicians’ recommendations they may fare well, but many don’t follow instructions and go back and forth in pain – finding temporary relief after a session, but then struggling with pain again. Studies have found that passive coping strategies are generally maladaptive.

Adopting active coping strategies is a more effective way of pain management. This requires the patients to take personal responsibility and be proactive about adopting enduring pain relief options. Active coping strategies may involve taking medication, making appropriate lifestyle adjustments, exercising every day, eating healthy, and even cognitive behavioral exercises.

Combination of Chiropractic Therapy and Psychological Counseling
Anxiety disorders and depression affects millions of people in the country. These conditions are treatable but not all of them receive proper care. Anxiety and depression can slowly chip away at a person’s emotional stability, and it inevitably manifests as physical illnesses or chronic pain.

Persistent stress leads to elevated levels of a hormone called cortisol in the body because the brain is continually preparing the body to be in a highly alert state, thus making any sort of relaxation difficult. This can bring down the body’s natural immunity and create a negative mind-body feedback that may lead to more physical and mental illnesses.

Chiropractic therapy in combination with psychological counseling is a highly effective holistic treatment option. Therapeutic chiropractic therapy relaxes the body and accelerates the healing of both the body and the mind. Since the body is relaxed, the patients are also more open and receptive to psychological counseling, thus eliminating negative patterns and creating a positive feedback loop.

Chiropractic therapy cleanses the body of toxins that are built up in the muscles. While soothing the pain of the body, it also creates a calm and peaceful state of mind. A collaboration of psychologists and chiropractors can create holistic healing and enduring relief to millions of people suffering from chronic emotional and physical pain.

Nidha Reddy writes about chiropractic issues that can help people reduce their levels of stress. Nidha has additional certifications including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Strong Interest Inventory, and Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO).

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