Why You Might Be Sore After A Chiropractic Adjustment

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So you had a back pain that would not go away for weeks and you saw a chiropractor. After the chiropractic adjustment you wonder why you are feeling so sore, and you even worry whether something went wrong. Relax, there is no cause for concern here. Some people may feel a bit of soreness after a chiropractic adjustment – this is completely natural and there is no need to panic. Here, we explain why this happens.


Retracing by the body

People experiencing soreness or even a brief increase in symptoms after an adjustment is due to a phenomenon called ‘retracing.’ You may feel some discomfort during this time when the body adjusts to the treatment. The discomfort is temporary and will go away in some time.


The body can heal itself but sometimes during the recovery process it can feel like you have taken one step forward and two steps back. This is natural during recovery and is an indication that the body has begun to heal.


If you had previously suffered an injury that caused you pain and you lived with it for a while, your body would also have learned to compensate for the injury by using other muscles and ligaments to take over the injured ones. When the healing starts, the body again has to retrace and the parts that had learned to compensate for the injury need to unlearn and start healing too. This could very well mean that you are sore or uncomfortable for a while, but this is usually a good sign indicating that the healing has started.


After the first spinal adjustment it is natural to feel sore, but regular treatments may completely eliminate the soreness and your reaction to the adjustment may be a sense of exhilaration than any discomfort.


What can you do about the pain?

Talk to your chiropractor if you experience soreness or pain. You may be asked to use ice packs or heat depending on the treatment you have had. It is important to check with your chiropractor first before you use any home remedies.


Rest is a good idea. Most people report that the soreness goes away after 24 hours. Drink plenty of water and relax.


Your chiropractor may also suggest some specific stretches and exercise that you can do at home which will reduce the soreness. If you have any concerns about your ability to do the stretches, talk to your chiropractor.


Previous medical conditions

Before you start the treatment, talk to your chiropractor in detail about any previous medical conditions that you are aware of. Describe to them the nature of your pain, the severity, recurrence etc. so they can design a customized treatment plan for you.


In the hands of a skilled and experienced chiropractor, adjustments yield highly beneficial results without any adverse side effects. Have a discussion with your chiropractor before the treatment starts so you know about the possible reactions and you are not caught off-guard.

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